Sharock Shepherds Import Working Line German Shepherds in Texas "Quality Dogs through Superior Breeding and Balanced Training"
Sharock ShepherdsImport Working Line German Shepherds in Texas"Quality Dogs through Superior Breeding and Balanced Training"

Upcoming Litter

Planned for Summer 2023!

Wero vom Eisernen Kreuz

Hips-normal, Elbows-normal, DM-N/N 



Wero is an extremely fast, very hard and resilient male with an absolutely clear nature.  

Jess a Hero with Four Paws vom Sharock

PennHip .26/.32 hips,  normal elbows, DM Clear 

If you are searching for a social female with solid nerves, intelligence, good health and good, balanced drives, Jess is the German Shepherd for you.   She's not a pushover, but she is a good house dog for a family that understands working dogs and their needs. 

K Litter

Wero x Jess

This is a very anticipated litter and there will only be a limited number available to outside homes.  



Daro von den Koschis, IPO 3 x Faith, Hope, and Love vom Sharock BH 

Born 9/26/20


Daro von den Koschis, a Bolle son who brings some of our favorite dogs with his pedigree: Asko von der Lutter, Orry von Haus Antverpa, Fado von Karthago, Natz von Tegelhous, Ernst vom Weinberblick & Troll vom Haus Milinda! 

In his 5 generation pedigree there are 5 BSP winners, 4 WUSV winners, 2 FCI winners & 1 Vice-WUSV winner!!


Hips a normal, DM clear


Faith, Hope and Love vom Sharock, a Bonny von der Hagnemuhle daughter and Vito vom Waldwinkle grandaugter as well as a Drago vom Patriot daughter has so many greats in her pedigree: Tom van't Leefdaalhof, Olex de Valsory, Vito vom Waldwinkel, and Eiwie vom bosen Bruderblick! 


In her 5 generation pedigree there are multiple BSP, WUSV, and LGA winners.   


Hips OFA Good, DM clear

Elbows OFA normal

J Litter 

We repeated this breeding because of the quaility of the puppies from the first breeding.   Great Pennhip scores, excellent temperments, high ball drive, strong hunt drive and very social dogs.   They puppies are being given every advantage to grow up as strong, healthy and happy working dogs.   This is your chance to own an exceptional working puppy from strong and highly desired working lines.  

J Litter-

Daro von den Koschis  IPO3 HD a-normal, DM Clear x Faith, Hope, and Love vom Sharock BH OFA good hips, OFA normal elbows, DM clear



Born 9/26/20- 5 beautiful puppies, started life in our home full of TLC and with the proper socialization you would want in a high caliber working line dog.   


This is a repeat breeding and the previous litter is proving to be incredible.   Pennhip scores are great, working ability is very impressive.   Very social dogs, both with people and other dogs, but very serious in their work.   High drive, strong hunt drive,  solid environmentally and level headed.  


These excellent puppies are now out working.    If you are looking for a German Shepherd that can work, have a good temperment, and good health, that is what we strive for and our puppies have that.   Keep your eyes out for more on Jess, she was kept back from this litter for our program because she showed high socialbility, high intelligence, and a willingness to work.     


Contact us today to see if you may be the right fit for one of our exceptional working puppies.


The litter below has all been sold...Our next puppies will be available soon. 

V Drago vom Patriot SchH3, Kkl1, HD/ED normal

Bonny von der Hagenmuhle SchH3, OFA Good, DNA (Vito vom Waldwinkel Daughter)

Click on our Accomplished Sharock Puppies page for pictures and accomplishments of previous litters as they grow up!

We love our German Shepherd puppies and are proud of the top working dogs they become.  

Sharock German Shepherd puppies are sold with the

Health guarantee

Our support and guidance 

Raw Diet Menu


AKC registration


Copies of the parents OFA and
DNA certificates

Veterinary records


Katy, TX

Bonny von der Hagenmuhle, SCHH 3 Vito vom Waldwinkel, (2 x LGA, 10 x SCHH3) x Blanke vom Patscherkofel, SCHH3
Gee I'm Good vom Sharock, Police K9, Texas DPS, Drago vom Patriot, SCHH3, Kkl1 x Bonny von der Hagenmühle, SCHH3
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