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At Sharock K-9 Academy, we strive to develop a personalized program for you and your dog. Each dog is an individual and we train them keeping this individuality in mind. We listen to you to develop a well balanced training program to help your dog achieve the goals you desire and help your dog be a happy, welcomed companion.  Sharock K-9 Academy offers several training options to suit todays busy lifestyle while still providing a hands on experience for you to help you and your dog acheive the level you desire. Positive training techniques, play,  and reward based training is an excellent foundation for all puppies and dogs and the main part of our program. 

Shannon is a co-founder of K9 Officers.org ( est. 2013) , as well as TLK9 (est. 2006), a Testor/Observer for TherapyDogs, Inc., an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator, and was an evaluator/instructor for HOPE Animal Assisted Crisis Response. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in having your dog take the AKC CGC (canine good citizen) test or become a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc.  She has written training articles for PetTalk magazine, been a guest on Your Pet's Health Radio show and consulted for veterinarians and pet professionals. Shannon has been training dogs since 1994. 

Private Lessons- one on one sessions with you, your dog and the trainer. These sessions can be done at your home where the problems normally exist  to insure the training is related to your home environment or in novel environments as needed. Families are welcome to attend if you desire. These sessions generally last one hour. Our goal is to completely cover the issue we are working on that session. Private lessons are perfect for the owner that wants to be hands on in the training. Private lessons are great for puppy head start, basic obedience, advanced obedience as well as help with behavior problems.  You can choose from a set of 4, 5, or 6 sessions. 


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