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Dogs available for co-ownership

We occasionally have dogs we have decided are worthy of our breeding program. We want all of our dogs to live a full life as a beloved family member and not ever as kennel dogs.   This is much healthier for the dogs overall, reduces stress of long term kennel life and provides the best senario for the healthiest, happiest, most we adjusted puppies.    We very closely screen any potential guardian home for one of our girls as they are exceptional dogs and each and every one is also a member of our family.    

This great opportunity allows you the acess to our best female German Shepherds, a close working relationship with us, and the chance to get all the puppy love and kisses knowing you have a reputable breeder handling the details. We will handle all breeding, whelping and guarantee the puppies, are willing to take any puppy back at any point in its life, and provide support to future puppy owners.   

This isn't an opportunity we have every day and we only offer to homes we feel will provide the absolute best for our girls in love, care, and companionship.   

If we don't have a girl listed, feel free to contact us and join our waitlist.  



I'm Your Huckleberry vom Sharock "Doc"  

PennHip .27/.31, OFA normal Elbows, DM N/N, MDR1 Drug Sensitivity-Clear, Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Type III-Clear, PRA-Clear-Also clear for multilple other genetic tests.  

Doc is a wonderful dog who is ready for a guardian home.   She is intelligent, very willing to please, loves to play fetch, and spending time with people.   She is a happy, healthy, confident girl.   


Katy, TX

Bonny von der Hagenmuhle, SCHH 3 Vito vom Waldwinkel, (2 x LGA, 10 x SCHH3) x Blanke vom Patscherkofel, SCHH3
Gee I'm Good vom Sharock, Police K9, Texas DPS, Drago vom Patriot, SCHH3, Kkl1 x Bonny von der Hagenmühle, SCHH3
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