Our Girls

These girls have been selected after much consideration, screening, and time spent learning their true personalities and working ablity.  We are extremely picky about the females that will be allowed to influence the next generation of Sharock dogs. 

Evita von Colonia Agrippina, DM clear

Iceman vom GroBen Ex, IGP3, HD normal, ED fast normal x Coco Chanel von Colonia Agrippina, IGP2, HD fast normal, ED normal.    Evita, a direct import from Germany, is a very powerful female with excellent  drive and solid nerves.  She is currently in the Czech Republic training and competing in Schutzhund as well as completing her health testing.  

I'm Your Huckleberry Vom Sharock

PennHip .27/.31, OFA normal Elbows, DM Clear 

V Daro von den Koschis, IPO3, WUSV x Faith, Hope, and Love vom Sharock, BH 

Jess a Hero with Four Paws vom Sharock

PennHip .26/.32, DM Clear,  (Elbows will be OFA'd in the next few months)  

V Daro von den Koschis, IPO3, WUSV x Faith, Hope, and Love vom Sharock, BH 

Faith, Hope, and Love Vom Sharock, BH, OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal, DM clear

V Drago vom Patriot, Sch 3, IPO3 x Bonny von der Hagenmuhle ScH 3 daughter.   She is social, high drive, and has produced some excellent dual purpose K9's.  Our house dog and family protector.  She is now retired and enjoying her life as a beloved pet and housedog. 


Katy, TX

Bonny von der Hagenmuhle, SCHH 3 Vito vom Waldwinkel, (2 x LGA, 10 x SCHH3) x Blanke vom Patscherkofel, SCHH3
Gee I'm Good vom Sharock, Police K9, Texas DPS, Drago vom Patriot, SCHH3, Kkl1 x Bonny von der Hagenmühle, SCHH3
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