Stud Dogs

Sharock stud dogs are working dogs and are not just hanging out.   They have important jobs and while we rarely breed to outside, approved females, making arrangements well in advance is highly reccomended. 



Stud Dogs


Pepper von Kap Karthago, Sch3 x Faith, Hope and Love vom Sharock, BH

Hoss is a certified Dual Purpose K9 with the Terrebonne Parish SO.  A beautiful dark sable male, solid bone and excellent temperment.   This dog is all about work at work, and is a serious working dog.   At home, he is a family dog with that stable, thinking brain we all want in a GSD.   This is the combination we strive for, but is not easy to come by.   

This is a full-time working K9-no last minute breedings are avaliable.   Please plan ahead and do your research in advance.  

Lothar Zde-Sko-Dual Purpose K9

Bandiro Daria Reda IGP3, BH x Chira Zde-Sko, IGP3, BH-VT, FPr1 

This grandson of Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz, IPO3, FH2, BH, AD is a strong working dog and is a Dual Purpose Police K9.  He started his training for IPO, but his nose is exceptional and he lives to hunt.   He is a perfect fit for the job, he loves what he does so he will never work a day in his mind.   He is also always the best looking K9 at any call out or training group.   Lex is a full-time working K9, so no last minute breedings are avaliable.   


Coming Soon

Watch for another amazing dog soon! 


Katy, TX

Bonny von der Hagenmuhle, SCHH 3 Vito vom Waldwinkel, (2 x LGA, 10 x SCHH3) x Blanke vom Patscherkofel, SCHH3
Gee I'm Good vom Sharock, Police K9, Texas DPS, Drago vom Patriot, SCHH3, Kkl1 x Bonny von der Hagenmühle, SCHH3
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