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All of our dogs work with diligence during their working career. So, when it is time to retire, we see that they enjoy their retirement to the fullest. Here are some pictures of our dogs that have retired or have sadly crossed the rainbow bridge

Dunnit Better Than You, CGC, Therapy Dog        AKA: Noah
April 1993 - May 20, 2007

My constant shadow his entire life.    There was nothing that
Noah could not accomplish if he thought it made me smile.

Dear Mommy

Dear mommy don't be sad. I know you miss me now. You were there with me. When I took my final bow.

Dear mommy it was time. Like an angel, away I flew. Up in heaven it is wonderful. I am like brand new.

Dear mommy don't forget. The way I hopped and ran. No matter how I got to you. You said I was your man.

Dear mommy please don't cry. I know it is so hard. Forever I'll watch over you. I'll always  be on guard.

Dear mommy can't you see. Sometimes it's for the best. I hurt no longer now. And I can finally rest.

Dear mommy listen now. I'll be there when you call. One thing I hope you always know. I loved you most of all.

In loving memory of our Noah.
by: Jamie Stanley

Prax Des Loups Du
Makenzie Ring III (7 X's)
March 1999-July 30, 2008

Prax left us on July 30, 2008-he crossed the rainbow bridge with  his ball in his mouth laying in my lap. Prax enjoyed a well deserved  retirement with us. Prax competed in France and was titled  Ring I 4 X's, Ring II 4 X's and Ring III 7 X's. Prax was a police service dog in Houston, Tx as well.

Prax was also in two commercials, a sugar commercial in France and a Conoco Phillips commercial in the US. Prax also was training to be a Search and Rescue dog when  he had to retire due to nasal cancer. This boy has been a great dog and was spoiled accordingly.


Katy, TX

Bonny von der Hagenmuhle, SCHH 3 Vito vom Waldwinkel, (2 x LGA, 10 x SCHH3) x Blanke vom Patscherkofel, SCHH3
Gee I'm Good vom Sharock, Police K9, Texas DPS, Drago vom Patriot, SCHH3, Kkl1 x Bonny von der Hagenmühle, SCHH3
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